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P&O Iona vegan staycation surprise: amazing plantbased options (part 2)

If the first part of my food review from P&O Cruises’ newest XL class ship Iona didn’t convince you – perhaps the last three days of my week, and the food I had, will. So easy to be vegan onboard this great ship! I cannot wait to be back on P&O – and indeed have a couple of bookings already.

If you are not from the UK and are unfamiliar with the brand, P&O are British cruise line, serving pretty much exclusively British guests but they are owned by the Carnival Cruise Line Corporation. Yet, big cousins Carnival and Princess do NOT cater to the level that P&O UK does. For US readers, the only agent that I know who sells P&O in the US is VacationsToGo. Do be aware that while the fare might seem high, it does include all the tips, port fees and taxes and drink pricing is affordable by comparison.

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P&O Iona vegan staycation surprise: amazing plantbased options (part 1)

I am a convert, evangecally so. I have not sailed with P&O before but this August we just had to try the new Iona. And I am smitten. She is a beautiful ship and my goodness, how well did I eat? The plantbased options for us vegans onboard Iona are fantastic. I have never had as an easy time on a mainstream cruise line (apart from an all-vegan 100% vegan charter cruise ) as I did on Iona this year. You won’t believe the range, even lots of desserts! Here, see days one to four and all of the great food I enjoyed. And do come back for the second installment. You’ll be booking Iona too for your vegan cruising – I already have two more to look forward to!

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Exciting vegan food on Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady – August 2021 review

Virgin Voyages’ launch been the most awaited amongst cruising vegans, for the promised plantbased options onboard. On August 6th Scarlet Lady had her first paid customers onboard from Portsmouth, UK for a short staycation sailing. Social media shares from the ship, the cabins, her venues and entertainment have been super exciting to see but what about the promised vegan options? I wasn’t able to get onboard this August due to work commitments, but my blogging friends from Wansbrough’s Cruise Blog did! They kindly agreed to review Nicole’s options from their cruise. Enjoy this Virgin Voyages vegan food review and see MrW & Nicole’s own blog for ship photos from this cruise. The link is in the guest post, enjoy!

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P&O ‘My Holiday’ app is launched as Carnival upgrades theirs

Appy cruising! How did we ever manage without cruise line apps? They make such a difference to our day onboard. Reducing the need to queue to the guest services or having to ring (who wants to call people?) restaurants when you can just book it online? Safe to say, I am so happy to see the one cruise line that hasn’t had one before has finally entered the current century with P&O ‘My Holiday’ app. Meanwhile, big cousin Carnival in the US has revamped their fabulous 4yo app to include even more cool functions. See more here!

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How to choose the best cabin for your cruise: Location, kind & value?

Cruising 101 introduced you to the first options to consider for your first ever cruise holiday and what you should keep in mind when picking the best company, and itinerary, for your cruising needs. Cruising 102 is here to help you to choose the best cabin for you – the kind you want, in the best location, and always the best value. It is these tips that allow me to cruise more often. Let me also introduce you to two cabin categories you may not have considered before: picture window and obstructed cabins. These require some research as not all are equal, but some offer excellent value. Allow me to show you!

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New sustainable OceanTide accessories for Princess Cruises’ Medallion

This week we were treated to the exciting news of sustainable PrincessCruises OceanTide accessories for their OceanMedallion wearable tech. Other new measures are introduced to further give guests control in terms of sustainability and greener choices. There is one that excites me very much! Learn more about OceanTide accessories and the company, Tide, Princess have paired with to make this happen.

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2021: the year of greener cruising with the launch of four LNG ships

Cruising has historically had a bad rep for environmental pollution. and much has been done by retrofitting scrubbers to clean exhaust fumes, or making shoreside power an option while docked. But the biggest eco move of 2021 from our beloved cruise industry is the move to using LNG fuel, liquefied natural gas. It offers an amazing reduction in terms of CO2 footprint and pollution in general. Who would’ve known that something good comes out of a global pandemic – a much greener, environmentally friendly cruise fleet? That certainly is the case with Carnival Corporation & PLC (CCL) brands. Our very own UK P&O, Costa, Carnival Cruises, AIDA and Princess all are going green on future seas.

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Cruising vegan on MSC Virtuosa made easy – 5 tips for your UK Staycation

Want to get away but can’t risk foreign travel? UK summer staycation cruise is what you need! And if you want to get away ASAP, there is just one gorgeous ship for you to consider. MSC Virtuosa. If you’re vegan and worried about dining onboard, do not. MSC are very vegan-friendly. Let me share with you my 5 top tips to cruise vegan on MSC Virtuosa. You won’t struggle to find food if you follow my advice!

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