End of a fling – Mediterranean suitor no more

In 2016 I was introduced to a new Italian suitor – see this old post. Despite all the warnings I’d been given by many well-meaning folk, I was smitten with the smooth seductive ways of this Mediterranean upstart. The plush cabins, the Swarovski bling. It was easy to be blinded. And I fall for cruises, and I fall hard. I couldn’t help it. I loved the pasta, the epic pizza. I loved being at sea.

It was casual.. we never made it a thing. I like my freedom. You were there when I needed you, casual and affordable. We had a few holidays together. It was nice. A few short dates even, so show off your new incarnations. I became a bigger fan even, you were so glamorous. I couldn’t wait to spend a week with you again.

This summer (2021) you promised much. I saw you out with friends.. and it looked like as promised. I thought we two would have a good time too, and that it would be almost like the old times again. And I’d be safe with you. But I was wrong.

I might have been more forgiving, had I not had a first encounter this summer with a British suitor I have in the past steered away from.  I thought they’d be too mature for me, not fun enough. But I was proven wrong. I was courted, treated so well, kept safe, entertained. In these difficult times, they managed to charm me and impress me in ways I did not think it was possible. But mostly, I felt safe.

Iona door sign at embarkation cabin cleaned breakseal


I should’ve known it wasn’t going to be great when I could see you hadn’t made an effort when I first arrived. I don’t expect to have to clean up after you, but I had to. Glad I had my wipes and antibac spray in my bag. In the past you were more reliable, now I couldn’t even count on you to make sure my cabin was clean.

I had paid for things before we got together but you claimed you had no record and I had to pay again. Only to claim money back from you later. You forgot our morning breakfast date. Some of the meals you served me puzzled me. Like you stopped trying.


Virtuosa poor plating sloppy vegan food

The sloppy vegan food I could even forgive. But other things over the week showed me you weren’t to be trusted anymore. The promises of safety, social distancing, bubbles and all. Ones you couldn’t keep. You were trying to see too many people at once, and you couldn’t manage us all. I felt unsafe with you. For the first time ever on a cruise, I was looking forward to going home. And I was so glad I got home ok and didn’t get sick.

Your Mediterranean charms work on me no more.

Saying Arrivederci doesn’t seem final enough.

Love, Sanna