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P&O ‘My Holiday’ app is launched as Carnival upgrades theirs

Appy cruising! How did we ever manage without cruise line apps? They make such a difference to our day onboard. Reducing the need to queue to the guest services or having to ring (who wants to call people?) restaurants when you can just book it online? Safe to say, I am so happy to see the one cruise line that hasn’t had one before has finally entered the current century with P&O ‘My Holiday’ app. Meanwhile, big cousin Carnival in the US has revamped their fabulous 4yo app to include even more cool functions. See more here!

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Carnival Legend takes over Europe in 2021

Exciting news for casual cruisers looking for a new way to explore all corners of Europe. Carnival Legend takes on Europe in 2021, covering the largest range of ports & countries than any other Carnival ship has ever before. Whether you’re a family looking for a fun ship to sail on, or an informal cruise-fun seeking couple or group, Carnival’s got it covered. There even are two excellently-priced transatlantic crossings to consider, Tampa to Spain and later on, Spain to Baltimore. Discover more here!

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Can you cruise vegan on Carnival: Lunch options on the Horizon

On my last post, I tackled the question ‘Can you cruise vegan on Carnival?’ and featured my breakfast options. I hope you are as impressed as I was. To top that off, take a look at the cruise-fare inclusive lunch dining options onboard the Carnival Horizon. Never have I dined as well at lunch and had as much choice as a vegan onboard. See the venues and the lovely food I had. So yes, Carnival can indeed cater for vegans – at lunchtime too!

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