Privacy Policy

Vegancruiser blog is governed by the following privacy policy and we’re committed to protecting your privacy, much like we would expect ours to be as we browse the web. The purpose of this policy is to explain what information we collect and how it is used.


This policy applies to only. For any other websites that this site may link to, please refer to their own privacy policies. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please use for any correspondence.


What information do we collect…

and how does it get used?


Any information you may provide voluntarily:

When commenting on this blog, our site offers a field for you to input a name (you can use a pseudonym) and an e-mail address. Recent changes to this site mean you can now choose to leave the latter blank in order to avoid leaving any personally identifiable information.


If you continue to use your e-mail in the comment as previously, these are not made public and are visible to only the admins of In addition to your name or chosen pseudonym, other visitors may also see your avatar, depending on your commenting method.


Your contact e-mail can be used to approach you directly if you have left a more detailed query. If a short comment is made by page admins on the thread, an e-mail notification can be sent to you to alert you to our reply.


Please do not leave any sensitive and/or identifiable data into the public comment field. Should we see something like it, we shall do our best to remove at the earliest possibility to protect your privacy.


Your personal data (name & e-mail) is also collected via the form on ‘Contact Me’ page, if you choose to use that to get in touch with us. Again, it won’t be made available to anyone else than the admin team. Any e-mail addresses submitted either via contact form or comments are only used to respond to your query. We do not add your e-mail to a mailing list, nor do we pass or sell them on to a third party.

Information collected automatically

Third-party use of information


Like most websites, uses Google Analytics as our analytics partner and it collects information on visits to our site. They provide us with aggregate reports on things such as: what countries are the visitors from, what blog posts are proving popular, helping us to tailor our posts to our readers.


To further protect visitor privacy, we have taken a step to anonymise all Google Analytics data, so that no accurate identifiable IP address data is saved by Google.


Please see Google’s privacy policy for information on their own policy for both Analytics and Adsense data.


We also use Sumo social media sharing buttons which record your actions, giving us weekly reports on which posts are liked and shared across various social media platforms. Their privacy policy is available here.


Cookies uses cookies for various reasons. Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer to help you have a better user experience. Some of these cookies are operational to the site, while others are statistical (as detailed above). Others may work together with Google Adsense to show you ads that are more relevant to your interests. If you delete/block cookies in your browser, sections of this site may not work as intended. Please see my separate cookie policy.


Operational safety of data:


Our website hosting is in secure UK-based data centers and operates with SSL certification. A most-recent back-up of website data which may include personal data (such as blog comments) is held in the US servers of a data storage operator. They are GDPR compliant third party with a Privacy Shield certificate for EEA to US data transfers. Any previous back-ups are deleted as a new one is made.


Your rights related to your personal information:


You have a right to access any data we may hold, amend said data or have it deleted. Please contact for any requests relating to your data.


Please be aware that we do aim to reply promptly but as we often travel and may not have internet access, this may not happen in the 48hours but certainly within the one month as required by current law (GDPR 2018).


Vegancruiser Data Policy v1.0 (May 2018)