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P&O Iona vegan staycation surprise: amazing plantbased options (part 2)

If the first part of my food review from P&O Cruises’ newest XL class ship Iona didn’t convince you – perhaps the last three days of my week, and the food I had, will. So easy to be vegan onboard this great ship! I cannot wait to be back on P&O – and indeed have a couple of bookings already.

If you are not from the UK and are unfamiliar with the brand, P&O are British cruise line, serving pretty much exclusively British guests but they are owned by the Carnival Cruise Line Corporation. Yet, big cousins Carnival and Princess do NOT cater to the level that P&O UK does. For US readers, the only agent that I know who sells P&O in the US is VacationsToGo. Do be aware that while the fare might seem high, it does include all the tips, port fees and taxes and drink pricing is affordable by comparison.

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