Marella 90s cruise: dress-up themes now announced!

If you regularly read this blog, you will have come across a post about Marella Cruises’ (former Thomson Cruises) Electric Sunsets 90s-themed cruise. If you missed it, see more about this fab three-nighter theme cruise here. Today marks THREE MONTHS in our cruise countdown and we are getting so excited. Especially as last week the fancy dress themes for each night of the sailing were finally announced. I am so excited – on my last party cruise we had themes and EVERYONE dressed up. How about this for my friends and me, for our 80s Prom theme night? Super fun. Anything that involves wigs is epic in my eyes.

vegancruiser on 2015 NKOTB cruise theme night 80s Prom

Electric Sunset 90s cruise Marella

Marella 90s cruise themes are:


First party night – 90s Party

Marella says “This is the night to break out your Hypercolour t-shirts, glow sticks and your Kangol caps for a colourful 90s party night.”

Kangol caps, surely that was just for the boys? For me, 90s party would mean a lot of Adidas stripes, baggy denim, dummy necklaces and instead of glow sticks, whistles for the rave scene. Mood rings, chokers and pixie cuts… if you were trying to be an indie chick. Like me, on the right here in white.

vegancruiser 90s reliving youth on Marella 90s cruise themes announced finally


Second cruise party night – 90s Icon

Who is your 90s icon? Marella said for this theme night: “Spice Up Your Life with a walk through Jurassic Park. Take That and Party with the Men In Black. Bring your Bodyguard and hang out with Pocahontas”.

I am more thinking of Britney. Alicia Silverstone in Clueless. Lisa Left Eye Lopez from TLC. Or the amazing Shirley Manson from Garbage. I have the hair already- and hail from Scotland.


Third and final night – 90s Kids

Marella suggests, for the 3rd and final night, the following theme guidance. “Rugrats. Super Mario. Pop-up Pirate. This one’s for your inner child. 90s TV programmes, 90s games, 90s toys. It’s time to break out your best Neil Buchanans and Furbys.”

Surely, if ever, the toy is Tamagotchi.. and for cult student TV it is Teletubbies. Or so I have been told. Although for me, the best/most iconic 90s TV would Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


NEW: Line up for the evening entertainment for each night announced!

lineup timetable for Electric Sunsets 90s cruise


Last chance to book Electric Sunsets Marella 90s cruise

If a 90s party sounds like the kind of fun you’d like to get into, make sure you get yourself onboard the all-inclusive Marella Explorer 90s cruise this September 1st. We’re sailing from Newcastle to Southampton, via Ijmuiden (Amsterdam) and Zeebrugge (Bruges). Join us for three nights of 90s fun!

And yes, I did say all-inclusive. All dining room & buffet food is included, all drink and all tips/service charges. See my Electric Sunsets post for more information. The final payment date is fast approaching – soon paying a deposit isn’t enough.

Interested in booking this Marella cruise? See link below – click on the TUI photo. It is an affiliate link and I may earn commission from your cruise purchase at no extra cost to you.

Thomson | Cruise

Marella Electric Sunsets 90s cruise lineup


Happy 90s cruising – I’ll see you at one of the parties!

Love, Sanna