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About Vegancruiser:

Hi, welcome to Vegancruiser, a UK cruise blog here to challenge some the old stereotypes people have (us Brits especially) about cruise holidays.

Nice to meet you, I am a Sanna. I’m a full-time professional with an ever-exceeding part-time cruise habit. I live in Glasgow, Scotland with my partner and our three cats. In February 2016 I became vegan overnight, having watched a documentary film called Cowspiracy on Netflix. Now I am trying to navigate life with greener, more compassionate choices and cruise while at it.

My aim for this blog is to try to dispel the commonly believed myths about cruise holidays – that they are only for the rich, retired and for the reservedly conservative and so forth. No, cruising is for all – definitely not just for old people. I have enjoyed cruising as a child and through my teenage years with my parents, with friends as a young adult and later in my professional life, with my partner. The cats don’t get to cruise – I’d have them if I could. I would probably cruise more if I didn’t miss them as much.

Another myth I hope to bust is that you couldn’t possibly cruise as a vegan – or with allergies or other dietary needs. This is simply not true, cruise ships are accommodating of various needs, be they dietary or mobility-related. Even before I became vegan I travelled as a lactose-intolerant and the ships have always catered for me.

I especially want to reach out the vegan community. We are a growing lifestyle movement and our numbers the UK have risen by 360% in the last 10 years alone. In addition to the over half a million UK vegans, there are many more vegetarians and many others looking to reduce their meat consumption for various reasons. Also, I wish to encourage those with food intolerances and food allergies – people with special diets – who often have ruled out cruising as a valid holiday option as they do not think their diet would be catered for onboard.

But mostly, I want to convey the many facets of modern cruising: the fun and the adventure, the luxury and pleasures onboard – food, drink, entertainment, parties, spa treatments, water slides, micro-breweries…you name it! Whether you’re a young person considering a Med holiday with your mates, a young professional couple looking for a romantic getaway or a family with kids – there is a cruise out there for you.

Hope you enjoy my posts and that they will allay any fears about travelling with dietary needs. I definitely hope to reassure more younger people of the fact that cruise holidays are fun and for us too. Please comment if you find anything helpful or if you have questions to do with cruising.

Love, Sanna

Disclaimer: This blog is my own work and opinion (unless otherwise noted), and in no way represents my employer (I work in healthcare). I am not affiliated with any travel agent or cruise line and receive no payment for mentions or features. If I get access to a ship in form of a day tour, my report is an honest private opinion.  Just like any blog entries on my purchased holiday cruises: my truthful opinions the ship on which I sailed, the accommodation onboard, entertainment, vegan dining options etc.

Any companies who believe their product or service fits the remit of my blog are welcome to contact me.  Please send all business/PR enquiries at Sanna (at) vegancruiser.co.uk

Vegancruiser photo from Kusadasi

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