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Hi, I am a Sanna, @Vegancruiser on both Twitter and Instagram. Welcome to my cruise and travel blog.

I am a former travel graduate (BA International Travel with Information Systems) living in Glasgow, Scotland. In February 2016 I became vegan overnight, having watched a documentary film called Cowspiracy on Netflix. Now I am trying to navigate life with greener, more compassionate choices and cruise while at it.

My aim for this blog is to try dispel the commonly believed myths about cruise holidays – that they are only for the rich, retired and for the reservedly conservative and so forth. And that you couldn’t possibly cruise as a vegan – or with allergies or other dietary needs. Hopefully my writing and photos debunk some of the many misconceptions and many more younger UK holidaymakers join me and step aboard a cruiseship.

I especially want to reach out the vegan community. We are a growing lifestyle movement and our numbers the UK have risen by 360% in the last 10 years alone.

In addition to the over half a million UK vegans, there are many more vegetarians and others looking to reduce their meat consumption for various reasons. Also, I wish to encourage those with food intolerances and food allergies – people with special diets – who often have ruled out cruising as a valid holiday option as they do not think their diet would be catered for onboard.

But mostly, I want to convey the many facets of modern cruising: the fun and the adventure, the luxury and pleasures onboard – food, drink, entertainment, spa treatments..you name it!

Hope you enjoy my posts. May they convey at least some the love that I have for this wonderful pastime and be informative. Welcome onboard! And same for landlubbers too – come along for my blog journey as I do travel on land too. But on land or water, always vegan.

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Disclaimer: This blog is my own work and opinion (unless otherwise noted), and in no way represents my employer (I work in healthcare). I am not affiliated with any travel agent or cruise line and receive no payment for mentions or features. If I get access to a ship in form of a day tour, my report is an honest private opinion. Β Just like any blog entries on my purchased holiday cruises: my truthful opinions the the ship on which I sailed, the accommodation onboard, entertainment, vegan dining options etc.

Any companies who believe their product or service fits the remit of my blog are welcome to contact me. Β I please send all business/PR enquiries at vegancruiser (at) gmail.com


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